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Are sheepskin rugs cruel or unethical?

Sheepskin rugs are not necessarily cruel or unethical, but the sheep can be unethically treated before it is processed.

Sheepskins are ethical by being treated kindly in life

In our chase here at woolbase the sheep skin are 100% ethically sourced and 100% cruelty free, Sheepskins are a by-product of the meat industry meaning that the sheep are killed for the meat alone and the skin is a resources that can be obtained from it, nothing goes to waste when a sheep is put in to a produktion so the skin is sold as any other part of the animal. But the sheep are never killed with the intent of harvesting the skin alone. 

To ensure the most ethical handling of the sheep we handpick from freerage ethical farms that treat every sheep with care to ensure the quality of the sheeps life and then also the quality of the sheeps skin. 

The sheep roam in grass fields and live happy lives until they go into production of the meat farms at this time the skin is collected for tanning. 

It takes one sheep to make one sheepskin and we make sure to only work with farms that treat their sheep with the utmost care. The harvesting of the sheepskin is always done after the sheep is deceased so the animal feels no pain and no suffering. 

Some producers of sheepskin can be unethical and harvest the sheep skin with the intent to only sell the skin. The sheep in these conditions live unhappy lives and are not treated with any respect. Leaving the animal in such cruel and inhumane conditions is extremely unethical. It is therefore important to look into the resellers of sheepskins to not only ensure that the sheepskins are only sold as a by-product of the meat but also that the sheep have a free blissful life in freeroming grassfields before it is processed for it’s meat. 

While some sellers of sheepskins focus on the quantity of skins being harvested for reselling, we focus on the quality of the skin to insure the happiness of both animal and human and make sure there is no cruelty or unethical treatments involved with the care and production of these sheep. 

 ♡ We care and are happy you care! ♡