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About Us

We are a Swedish company who sell Swedish sheepskin & lambskin rugs of high quality from hand selected suppliers in Gotland Sweden

A luxurious addition to the room, an amazing gift or why not enjoy the best comfort nature has to offer by yourself.

In our selection we have skins from several local farms throughout Gotland Sweden, from classic Gotland sheep since the vikings but also crossbreeds, which gives a better variety in color and feel.

The lambskins have a more even color while sheepskins have more a larger variation. The curls can be curly, wavy or form screws, Even a mix of the variants is possible. Each skin is unique and has its individual characteristic, pattern, color and length which can all vary so we hope to provide you with the best selection Gotland has to offer for your choosing.

We are glad to share our selection and help you find the right rugs for you, so that you will get the best experience.

happy sheep happy life

we talk to each professional farmer to ensure we only buy skins from well handled sheep who live free and happy lives roaming the fields on Gotland Sweden. Each lambskin & sheepskin rug is unique with its natural color and is hand selected from various local farms around Gotland to provide the best options for you to choose from.

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